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Meet the Designer

 Hi! I'm Shawn.  I absolutely love designing and making things for others to enjoy! 

Growing up on my grandfather’s dairy farm and later serving in the Marines helped engrain a strong work ethic in me along with a never-give-up mentality.  I became a life-long learner and practitioner of a wide range of industrial skills.  I came to realize early in life that creativity can help overcome many obstacles.  I was very fortunate to have grown up in a family of very skilled craftsman in a variety of trades. 

After hundreds of inventions and creations, I developed an admiration for the entire creative/inventive process.  From a basic idea, to gathering the raw materials, and watching as a project develops, the creation takes on new meaning, an expression of oneself.  I have developed a deeper appreciation for many creations in nature and how time puts its signature on all things.   I am inspired by faded barn wood with its deep wood grain, weather worn fences, rusty old wagon wheels and the beauty of nature itself.  I find a landscape of grass covered hills, trees, and even the sun and the stars to be very tranquil.   

My philosophy, “Nature is beautiful”, was the inspiration of the design and artistic craftsmanship of my rustic farmhouse tables.  I hope that my creations will help make your event as serene and inspiring to you and your guests as the beauty of nature is to myself.

My brand philosophy is “Nature is beautiful.”  Discover and appreciate how nature is an astounding creator of beauty and an inspiration of endless possibility.  Shawn Michael McFarland

Photo: Jackelynn Noel Photography

  Venue: Haue Valley Weddings & Events


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