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Country Event Rentals, LLC

Thank you for your interest in Country Event Rentals, LLC and for taking the time to learn about us.  For several years Designer and Founder, Shawn Michael McFarland hand crafted tables and other furniture pieces for customers and family.  This led to the idea of building in mass and making them available as rentals so that others could enjoy quality wood furniture for their special occasions.  

It took several months of research, planning and calculating to decide if his dream could become a reality.  First off, was it feasible to make a folding farmhouse table.  Several requirements had to be met.   The table had to be aesthetically appealing, light and compact enough to handle and transport, and yet still be economical to rent out.  A lightweight, folding-leg prototype was built that was stylish but just wasn’t light enough to transport.  To meet this criteria, the table concept was completely redesigned, and a new prototype was built to bring it into a fine balance of look, style, weight and maneuverability.  Then the entire process was planned out from beginning to end.  This included obtaining raw materials, mass-production, paint and stain, transportation and product handling.  This led to the development and engineering of a unique pallet system and the design and construction of an 8-foot long, self propelled, all-terrain scissor lift pallet jack for handling the massive 500lbs plus pallets.  The entire venture became a family project as many hours were consumed in the workshop as it progressed.  Shawn’s sister, Jaime, helped at every stage of the process including authentic design, photography, website development as well as advertising and sales.  His niece Adelle helped with website design.  Shawn’s wife, Dawn, also helped in every stage but especially paint and stain, photography, transport, website content and editor.  His children, Joselyn and Gage, also did their part by helping stack wood, move table parts, as well as testing furniture, and cleaning up.  

Photo: Jackelynn Noel Photography

  Venue: Haue Valley Weddings & Events

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